Monday, November 5, 2007

I got schooled

I just figured out that I was "schooled" at the C&D half marathon yesterday and didn't know it at the time.

Within sight of the finish, less than a half-mile straight shot, another runner came up behind me, passed me, and gradually pulled away. I was trotting along steadily at my 8-minute mile goal pace and watched him go by, figuring "Who cares?" -- I was just doing this race as a long fast tempo run ahead of the JFK 50.

The guy finished maybe 20 seconds ahead of me -- and, as I learned from this morning's paper, finished in third place in my age group. He took my plaque!

Well, not really, of course... he earned it, I didn't. And truthfully, the way he was running, I'm not sure I could have beat him on the home stretch even if I went all out. Regardless, lesson learned: be competitive once in a while, at least when it counts!

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