Thursday, January 24, 2008

100 miler training update

Friends frequently ask me these days how my training is going for the Umstead 100 miler. It's been hard work, lots of long runs. It seemed like I spent nearly the entire last weekend running -- I got in a really long run, dawn to dusk. I think this is improving my fitness a lot, though I am a bit tired from all of the miles.

A few photos of the highlights of my route below...

Mile 3,564 - Stonehenge (7 am - a bit cloudy but a nice morning)

Mile 3,787 - Paris (9 am)

Mile 4,477 - Rome (10:30 am)

Mile 5,788 - Egypt (around 12:30 - remind me to avoid mid-day heat next time!)

Mile 8,669 - India (3 pm)

Mile 11,974 - Beijing (6 pm - quick stop for noddles from street vendor)

Mile 22,315 - Peru (8:30 pm - on the home stretch, but I've got a few blisters)

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